Tag Manager

Inject code directly on your website without requiring engineering support

By using our Tag Manager feature, you can inject code into your website. To add or edit code snippets, you should go to the Projects Page, and click the settings button for the project you want to inject code onto.

On Initial Page Load:

Code injected here will be triggered when your website is first loaded. This is similar to a DOMContentLoaded event, except we call it a little later, once Freshpaint is loaded. A common use case for this is attaching user properties or event properties with dynamic properties that are only available after page load.

On Page Change:

Code injected here will be triggered each time a page is loaded. This includes the initial page load event, but also any subsequent page changes within a single page app. This is often used for attaching page view properties within single page apps.


If you want to opt out of this feature, and disable Freshpaint admins from using it, you can set the option tag_manager to false in your Freshpaint init() call.

freshpaint.init("YOUR-ENV-ID", {
"tag_manager": false,