Advertising Destinations

Advertising destinations are destinations that allow you to use data in Freshpaint to target ads to your users.

Supported Advertising Destinations

Freshpaint supports the following advertising destinations:

  • AdRoll

  • Bing Ads

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Google Ads

  • LinkedIn Insight Tag

  • Pinterest Tag

  • Twitter Ads

Event Mapping

In additional to accepting custom events, most advertising destinations accept a set of "standard events". These are events that have some special significant to the destination. As an example, here are some of the standard events Facebook Pixel accepts:

  • AddToCart

  • AddToWishlist

  • Lead

  • PageView

  • Purchase

To help you get your events into a destinations standard events, Freshpaint provides event mappings. Event mappings let you rename your events before they are sent to a destination. As an example, you could map your Submitted Email event in Freshpaint to the Facebook Pixel standard event lead: