Braze (formerly Appboy)

Braze is a customer engagement platform. You can send events to Braze to complement the engagement that they already track, allowing you to see a fuller picture of your users' behavior.

What You'll Need

  • An account with Braze
  • The custom endpoint of your Braze account (read more here)
  • A REST API key with Braze.
    • Important: Braze REST API keys are very powerful, and can be given permissions to do a wide variety of things with your account. To protect yourself, it's critical that you limit the permissions of this key to only the users.track API call. Use the screenshot below to see how this would look.

Getting Started

2. Configure your Connection Details. You must at least configure the REST API key and Custom Endpoint.
You can create a REST API key on your Develoepr Console in Braze's app
You should assume you do have a custom endpoint - read more here
3. That's it! You should now see the enabled status next to Braze.


The track call will create a new event for the user in Braze. The external_id will be Freshpaint's distinct id. The name will be your event name. All other properties will be passed as custom properties of the event.
Optional: If you configured an App Identifier in your connection to Braze, it will be sent with the event here. It is not required to use an App Identifier, but may be useful if you have certain segmenting needs.


The identify call will add the properties you pass in as attributes of a user in Braze. The external_id in Braze will be Freshpaint's distinct id for the user. Everything else will be treated as a custom attribute.


Freshpaint will automatically send all page views to Braze. Page views show up in Braze as events.