Crisp is an all-in-one business messaging platform, including live chat, CRM, email, in-app messaging, and more. You can use Freshpaint to sync customer data to Crisp so that your agents have access to it right where they need it.

Getting Started

Website ID

To connect Freshpaint to your Crisp site, you'll need your Crisp website ID.
You'll find it in your Crisp account settings under Website Settings -> Settings -> Setup Instructions.
Paste the Website ID into the Crisp Destination in Freshpaint.

Install the Freshpaint plugin

To be able to deliver events to Crisp via Freshpaint's servers, install the Freshpaint plugin from the Crisp Marketplace.


Crisp does not accept anonymous events, so events must have the email property, and the email address must already be registered in Crisp as a contact.