How can I try Freshpaint without the help of an engineer?

Normally to install Freshpaint, you'll need to add the Freshpaint SDK snippet to your website. This requires you to add Freshpaint's code snippet to your website or app.
Freshpaint's Chrome Extension allows you to add the Freshpaint snippet on websites that you visit on your computer. This way you can still tryout Freshpaint, set up events, set up destinations on your own & view events flowing to destinations without having to wait on your tech team.

Getting Started

1. Install the "Freshpaint Assistant" chrome extension

Add Freshpaint Assistant to Chrome
You should also pin this extension for easy access. Click the extensions button and then click the pin icon next to the Freshpaint Assistant extension.

2. Copy the Freshpaint snippet

Visit the sources page and click on configure next to the Autotrack source. This should bring the Freshpaint snippet. Click on Copy Snippet button to the copy the snippet.
Autotrack Config on Sources Page
Copy Freshpaint Snippet

3. Paste the snippet to Freshpaint extension

Click the Freshpaint Assistant extension to open the window to paste the snippet. Paste the copied snippet and check the "Inject Snippet" button.
Paste the Freshpaint Snippet to extension
Once checked, this extension will be injected to current tab. This will make sure that events will be streaming to your Freshpaint account.
(Please note: the injection will happen on the current tab for the current domain when you check the Inject Snippet option. If you move to a different tab / a different domain you'll have to check the option again.)

4. Next Steps

If the extension is installed properly you'll able to view your activity on your site on the Freshpaint liveview. From here you should be able to continue configuring destinations and using the visual tagger to labeling user actions.


You can confirm if Freshpaint Snippet was correctly added to your site by opening the javascipt console (by clicking on the 3 dots > More Tools > Developer Tools > Console) and checking if the freshpaint variable is defined.
Open Developer Tools
Check for presence of freshpaint global variable

Known Issue: Content Security Policy

Some websites enforce strict Content Security Policy (CSP) due to which the extension may not be able to add the Freshpaint SDK to the page. In those cases you will not to be able to test the Freshpaint SDK until you explicitly allowlist Freshpaint in your CSP configuration. (In these case you should be able to see CSP error in the javascript console)
This unfortunately will require help from a technical user with appropriate access. In the mean time you can still test Freshpaint on any other website (for example