Bing Ads Quick Start Guide

Send advertising conversion events directly to Bing Ads

The Bing Ads destination enables you to measure conversion goals in your Bing Ads campaigns by leveraging events you already track in Freshpaint.

Destination Info

Client-sideServer-side (Proxy)




When using Server-Side connection mode you are using a Proxy Integration for Bing Ads. This destination runs on Freshpaint's servers, but emulates a native installation of the Bing Ads Tag. That means the integration behaves the same as if you did a native installation of Bing Ads, but the data first flows through Freshpaint before it's sent to Bing. See our docs on proxy integrations for more information.

Getting Started

To set up the Bing Ads destination, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your Bing Ads Expert Account. You'll need to click "Upgrade to Expert" if you haven't accessed your expert account previously.

  2. Create a Universal Event Tracking Tag. You can skip this step if you'd like to re-use an existing tag. Click "Tools" and scroll down to Conversion Tracking -> UET tag

    Click "+ Create" to create a new tag

    Give your tag a name, for example the name of your website. Click "Save and next".

    Click "<- Back to UET tags"

  3. Copy the Tag ID.

  4. Go to the Bing Ads configuration page in Freshpaint.

  5. Configure your Tag ID. Paste the value that you copied from the previous step.

Setting up Conversion Goals

Now that you've configured Freshpaint to connect to your Bing UET Tag, you can send events to Bing Ads to track specific conversion goals.

Create a conversion goal:

  1. Click "Tools" and scroll down to Conversion Tracking -> Conversion Goals

2. Click "+ Create" to create a new goal

3. Select "Website"

  1. Select "Other" for Goal Category and "Event" for Goal Type

  1. Give your conversion goal a name. Fill out the rest of the form as desired.

  1. Ensure that the UET Tag you've configured for Freshpaint is being used for this conversion goal

  1. Select "Manual Installation"

  1. Configure the Custom Event Parameters for the conversion goal. Set Action Equals to "track". Add another filter for Label Equals to. The value should be the name of the conversion goal. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save and next".

Now you're all set with your conversion goal in Bing Ads

Configure Your Conversion ID in Freshpaint

  1. If you haven't created an event yet, see Setting up Your Events

  2. From the Bing Ads Destination page, Configure Event Transformations

  1. Create a new transformation

  1. Select "Standard Event". Choose the event you'd like to send to Bing Ads. Click "Enable it". Type the name of the conversion goal in the final text box of this form and click "Save".

If you are a HIPAA account, you will need to add event properties to the allowlist. If you are not a HIPAA account, you can skip this step.

  1. Go to the Bing Ads configuration page in Freshpaint.

  2. If you're using the Freshpaint/Bing Ads integration for ad attribution purposes, we recommend you send the $msclkid property. This property is required in order to see ad attribution data in Bing Ads. You can do so by checking the box in the popup:

  1. If you have Google Tag Manager Bing Tags with Track Type as 'Custom Tracking', you will need to allow action and category as properties to Bing Ads as well.

  2. Next, add any other properties you'd like to send to Bing Ads to the Bing Ads Allowlist:

Once you've followed these steps, you're ready to start sending events to Bing Ads!

Validate Events are Sending to Bing Ads

To validate that you are sending events correctly to Bing Ads, visit the UET Tags page and click on your Tag ID.

This will take you to a page that shows all the events that have been tracked by your UET tag.

Conversions may take up to 2 hours to appear in your Bing Ads Conversion Goals.

Event Tester

If you're using server-side connection mode, you can use the Freshpaint Event Tester to verify your Bing Ads configuration.

First, you'll need to send a Page Load event to Bing. Bing requires this first in order to verify your UET Tag.

The $msclkid property is required, so make sure to add a value for that. You can grab a real msclkid value from the URL generated when your Bing Ad is clicked, or you can use a fake value if you don't need to test conversion events.

Next, send your conversion event, including the $msclkid property:

Within an hour, Bing will show your UET tag as "verified".

If you used a real $msclkid, within 2 hours your conversion event will be counted towards your conversion goal.

Conversions may take up to 2 hours to appear in your Bing Ads Conversion Goals.

If you'd like to learn more about this integration, you can do so by going to the reference document.

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