Sentry is an open source error monitoring and reporting tool. With Freshpaint, you can associate errors with specific users.

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Getting Started

To set up the Sentry integration, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Sentry configuration page in Freshpaint and click "Configure".

  2. In Sentry, find your Data Source Name (DSN) and copy/paste into the Credentials setting in Freshpaint.

You can find your Public DSN by going to Sentry and clicking Projects & Teams > Any Project > Settings > Client Keys (DSN). This should be the PUBLIC DSN since it does not contain a secret. You can read more about where to find your DSN here.


When you call freshpaint.identify(), Freshpaint will create or update a User profile in Sentry by calling Sentry.setUserContext() by passing in the traits you provided in the identify call.

While a user is logged in and identified, you can tell Sentry to associate errors with user data. This data is then submitted with each error which allows you to figure out which users are affected.

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