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Standard Events

Mapping your data to a destination's standard events.
You can use Freshpaint's transformation dashboard to set up a standard event mapping.
To get started, navigate to the Transformations page on your dashboard, and then click "Create New"
Creating a new standard mapping
Select "Standard Event" (if you intend to fix bad data, you can follow the guide here) as your transformation type.
Choose the Freshpaint event and the destination you want to send the event to. Choose the destination event that you want to map to from the dropdown. (Examples below)
Mapping our "Order Complete" event to Facebook's "Purchase" event.
Adding a custom event to Pinterest Tag
Mapping a page view of our landing page to a Google Ads pixel ID
Some destinations do not have named standard events, but instead will allow for a special input (usually an ID). For those, you should input the correct ID:
Has Named Standard Events
Free-form Event Names
Yes - Audience ID
Bing Ads
Yes - Campaign ID
Facebook Pixel
Yes - Legacy Pixel ID
Google Ads
Yes - Conversion Pixel ID
Pinterest Tag
Yes - Allows any event name
Twitter Tag
Currently Unsupported
Yes - Pixel ID
After selecting the standard event, if the selected destination's event has standardized properties, you will see a panel allowing you to set these.
Standardized Properties
On the left will be the property name as you send it to Freshpaint, and on the right is the destination's standardized property. You should update any properties that you want to map here.
Renaming revenue to value
Clicking "Save" will save the transformation, and you'll see it applied to your events within a few minutes. You will be redirected to the transformations dashboard, where you can view an example of your transformations and make further modifications if needed.
The new transformation we just made
From here you can add, remove, or modify extra transformation steps on this event:
Add, remove or modify transformation steps from the dashboard