With Sendinblue, you can send personalized email campaigns, trigger transactional messages, chase cart abandoners, and target customers based on their purchases.

Destination Info

Getting Started

How to set up Sendinblue in Freshpaint

  1. Navigate to Destinations > Apps and find Sendinblue in the list. Click Configure.

  2. Paste your Sendinblue Client Key in the Client Key box, and click Save. You can find your Client Key by going to Automation > Settings. Choose the JS Tracker option and scroll down to find the client_key value in the script.

  3. That's it! The integration status should now be active. You'll need to enable events that you'd like to send to this destination

Sendinblue does not accept anonymous events. You'll need to identify your users in order to start sending events to Sendinblue.


When you call freshpaint.identify(), Freshpaint will create or update a Contact profile in Sendinblue by hitting Sendinblue's Identify API endpoint at: Here is an example of an identify call:

freshpaint.identify("userid123", {
    "email": "<email>"

You must include an email property in your identify call to this destination

You can find identified users from the contact lookup page in Sendinblue.

When Freshpaint receives new user property data, it will update the contact properties for the corresponding user profile in Sendinblue.

In order to send emails to a user in Sendinblue, you must first send an identify call with the email property.


When you send an event to Sendinblue from Freshpaint, Freshpaint will create an event and attach it to the matching user's profile. It does so by sending a POST request to Sendinblue's Track Event endpoint at:

Users need to first be identified before events can be associated with their user record, as Sendinblue doesn't support anonymous users. Freshpaint events for anonymous users will not be sent to Sendinblue.

Learn more about anonymous users in Sendinblue.

You can view all your events in the events log under "Automation":

You must include the email property with every event or Sendinblue will reject the request.

Page Views

When Freshpaint receives new page views, it will update the "Visted web pages" section for the corresponding user profile in Sendinblue.

Configuration Options

Connection Modes

Both server-side and client-side connection modes are available for this destination. You can read more about connection modes here.

Client-Side Connection Mode

Events originating from the user's web browser will be sent directly to Vero. Events from other sources, including mobile and server, will be sent first to Freshpaint's servers and then on to Vero.

Server-Side Connection Mode

All events will be sent to Sendinblue using Freshpaint's servers. Your website will not send data directly to Sendinblue. Instead, your website and all other sources will send data to Freshpaint, which is translated then sent to Sendinblue. Sources such as React Native, Android, and iOS send data server-side.

Event Transformations

Set up transformations to modify your data before it's sent to your destination. Read more about transformations here.

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