What Implementation Services Does Freshpaint Offer?

Only Available for Business Plan Customers

Implementation of Freshpaint focuses on the technical installation of the product, configuration of events and destinations, and training/enablement surrounding features that will enable Freshpaint's Customer to maintain HIPAA compliance with regards to data collection and sharing.

This will be led by a dedicated implementation manager, who has worked with many other Freshpaint customers. Communications will primarily be through email and live sessions will be held over a video conferencing platform (Freshpaint uses Zoom).




Implementation Scoping

Week 1

Stakeholder mapping and technical scoping session

Kick-off Meeting

Week 1

Formal intro to implementation team, alignment meeting on use cases to focus on and prioritize during onboarding


Weeks 1-2

Platform implementation. Installation of Freshpaint code/SDK and configuration of initial events and destinations

Pre-Launch Validation

Weeks 2-3

Implementation testing and validation

Go Live

Weeks 2-3

Production launch, post-launch validation

Ongoing Implementation Support

Weeks 3-6

Honing in event schema, use cases, answering questions, general support


Week 6

Retro to discuss how onboarding went and any additional needs

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