Send events directly to Woopra through a client-side connection


Freshpaint can send events to your Woopra account for a provided domain.

Destination Info

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When setting up a project in Woopra, you are asked for the domain name of the project. When logged into your account, the domains you have projects for are available in the upper left corner.

Configure Freshpaint

With your domain, you can configure your Woopra destination in Freshpaint.

Once you've saved the domain, you're ready to start sending events to Woopra!

Check whether it's working

If you've never sent data to your woopra account before, after creating the project you will see a screen to Start Collecting Data that also indicates Woopra is waiting for data.

After you configure the Woopra destination in freshpaint and load your site, this waiting for data page will change to a dashboard.

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