Send events directly to WebEngage through a client-side connection


Freshpaint can send Events to your WebEngage account for a specified License code. Our WebEngage destination enables you to perform tracking within your WebEngage environment.

Destination Info

  • Connection Modes:





License Code

To configure your WebEngage destination, you'll first need to locate your License Code.

In your WebEngage account, select Account Setup which will show you're License Code at the top of the page.

Configure Freshpaint

Once you have your License Code, you can configure your WebEngage destination in Freshpaint.

Once you've saved the License Code, you're ready to start sending events to WebEngage.

Check whether it's working

To check whether WebEngage is receiving events, you can go to Data Platform > Integrations within your WebEngage account, which will show you whether WebEngage is receiving events from the Web SDK.

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