How do I circumvent ad blockers?

What are ad blockers and why does it matter?

Ad blockers are apps, such as browser extensions, that remove or hide advertising material from the browser. Tracking scripts such as the Freshpaint Autotrack script could be identified as advertising material and prevented from loading on the browsers of ad blocker users.

You should presume that some percentage of your users are using ad blockers. While not all ad blockers block analytics tools such as Mixpanel and Freshpaint, there are enough that do to potentially affect your conversion data.

If you are concerned about this, and suspect you are not seeing the data you would expect, see the below section on Freshpaint's Ad Blocker Bypass feature.

Ad Blocker Bypass

This is an account level feature that is available through Freshpaint as an add-on for business plan customers. Please contact to turn on ad blocker bypass for your account.

Once this is turned on for your account, Freshpaint will create a custom distribution to serve the freshpaint.js Autotrack script and related assets as well as a custom API endpoint for every environment in every project in your Freshpaint account.

This means that the Autotrack snippet will change for EACH environment in your account. Your snippet(s) will need to be reinstalled by an engineer.

There will be no data loss during this process. The old data will continue to flow to Freshpaint via the old route until you install and deploy the new snippet. Although this won't change your historical data, you will see an increase of data flowing through to your destinations.

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