React Native Quickstart Guide

This guide will walk you through setting up Freshpaint for your React Native app. After completing this guide, you'll be sending data from your mobile app to a Freshpaint destination. We'll be using Amplitude as an example destination, but the same process works for the other destinations supported by Freshpaint. There are three steps to get started with Freshpaint React Native:

The Freshpaint React Native SDK supports autotrack. That means once you install the Freshpaint SDK, your app will automatically be instrumented and sending data to Freshpaint. You can create new events through the Freshpaint UI instead of needing to edit your app and you can get historical data for events after you've created them with the Freshpaint time machine!

pageInstalling the Freshpaint React Native SDKpageConfiguring a DestinationpageLabeling User ActionspageConfiguring Property Capture

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