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Building Out Your Account

This series of guides will walk you through everything you need to completely setup your account. This series consists of the following guides:

Setting up Your Destinations

Destinations are the places Freshpaint sends data to. Setting up Your Destinations walks you through how to setup a destination.

Setting up Your Events

Events are how you control data as it flows through Freshpaint. By defining events, you are able to select specific types of data that are important to you and control which destinations they are sent to. This guide walks you through the different ways you can create events in Freshpaint.

Setting up Identify

Identify is how you stitch data for a user from multiple different places together. This guide walks you through how to attach information to users.

Setting up Properties

Out of the box Freshpaint collects a decent amount of data, but there may be some additional contextual information you want to attach to your events. The Setting up Properties guide walks you through how to attach more information to your events.