Iterable Quick Start Guide

Iterable Project Types

Projects in Iterable use a specific field to identify each user. Each project can be set so email and/or userId can be selected as the project's unique identifier at the time of creation.

There are 3 types of projects available to identify users:

  • Email-based: uses email as the unique identifier

  • UserID-based: uses userId as the unique identifier

  • Hybrid: Uses email and userID as unique identifiers

Learn more about determining the best setting for your project.

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Getting Started

  1. Navigate to Integrations > API Keys.

  2. Click New API Key.

  3. Give your API key a name (for example, "Freshpaint Integration") and select Server-side.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Copy the API key to your clipboard.

How to set up Iterable in Freshpaint

  1. Navigate to Destinations > Apps and find Iterable in the list. Click Configure.

2. Paste your Iterable server-side API key in the API Key box, and click Save.

3. That's it! The integration status should now be active.

Enable events you'd like to go to Iterable

Confirm you're seeing events as expected in Iterable

You can see events associated with each user by searching for the user profile under contact lookup:

You can also view all your events in the events log under "Insights":

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