The Intercom source allows you to send users, leads, companies, and conversation events from Intercom to Freshpaint


To set up Intercom, you'll need to create a new app in your workspace, and attach a webhook to it.

  1. From your Intercom dashboard, click your avatar in the bottom right hand corner, and select settings

2. Under settings, choose "Apps & Integrations" and then "Developer Hub".

Ignore the "Legacy Webhooks" page; Freshpaint is built to integrate with Intercom's modern app-based webhooks rather than the legacy workspace-based webhooks.

3. Click "New App" and call the app whatever you'd like, perhaps "Freshpaint." Make sure you've connected it to the workspace that you'd like to collect data from. Select "Internal integration."

4. In your new app configuration, go to "Webhooks"

5. For the endpoint URL, enter the url from the Intercom section of the Freshpaint sources page. It should look like<your env id>

6. You can now test the endpoint by going to the Live View page on Freshpaint, and trigger a test event from Intercom's webhook page. You should see an event come in called "Intercom ping"

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