Freshpaint Help Center

Learn how to use Freshpaint to manage your customer data.
Welcome to the Freshpaint Help Center! Here you can find docs and guides to help you get the most out of Freshpaint. If you're new to Freshpaint, checkout our page on what is Freshpaint.

Quickstart Guide

If you just want to get started with Freshpaint check out one of our quickstart guides. They'll walk you through installing Freshpaint and getting your first bits of data into and out of Freshpaint.

Building Out Your Account

If you're looking for guides on how to complete your Freshpaint installation, check out our series on how to build out your Freshpaint account. It walks you through the all the different ways you can get data into Freshpaint and how you can enrich the data collected by Freshpaint.

Freshpaint Overview

If you want a tour of Freshpaint and what it can do, checkout our overview of the features Freshpaint has to offer: