Learn the concepts of Freshpaint and how to use them effectively

Freshpaint is a tool for teams with limited technical resources to manage and control their customer data. Freshpaint enables non-technical users to set up their favorite analytics and marketing tools with limited input from a technical user.

Common Use Cases

πŸ“‘pageAdd Autotrack to your website to collect data from your usersβš•οΈpageComply with HIPAA by masking or blocking PHI from going to destinationsπŸ”pageSend historical data to any destination with Time Machine

Getting Started

Learn what you have to do to get your Freshpaint account ready to send data to your destinations.

πŸ—οΈpageBuilding Out Your Account

Everything else

Learn more about what Freshpaint has to offer here:

🌐pageOverview of Features

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