Databricks Warehouse Setup

Warehouses are only available for users on the Freshpaint business plan.

1. To get started with warehouse setup, first generate a personal access token. In your Databricks workspace, go to Settings > User Settings > Personal access tokens and click "Generate new token". Once your have your token, record it somewhere.

2. Go to Settings > SQL Admin Console > SQL Warehouse settings and add the following Data Access Configuration:

spark.hadoop.fs.s3n.impl.disable.cache true
spark.hadoop.fs.s3.impl.disable.cache true
spark.hadoop.fs.s3a.impl.disable.cache true

3. Reach out to with the following information about your DB. Besides the access token, you can find the rest of the information by selecting the SQL dropdown option and going to SQL Warehouses > Your Warehouse > Connection Details.

  • access token

  • server hostname

  • port

  • http path

Once this is completed, we'll need to finish the setup on our end. We will notify you once the warehouse is set up.

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