🔷Google Tag Manager integration

Freshpaint can integrate with your GTM installation to help prevent Protected Health Information (PHI) from being sent to your destinations.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) does not offer protection against Protected Health Information (PHI) being sent to destinations like Google Analytics or Google Ads, when using native GTM tag types.

Freshpaint offers a way for you to continue using Google Tag Manager with supported Freshpaint destinations in a HIPAA-compliant way, by using Freshpaint's GTM Custom Template.

The currently supported GTM tag types and corresponding Freshpaint GTM Template Destinations (displayed as "Freshpaint Tag Type" in the template) are:

GTM Tag TypeFreshpaint GTM Template Destination

Google Tag

Google Analytics: GA4 Event

Google Analytics 4 (Proxy)

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Google Ads

Google Ads Call Conversions


Facebook Pixel (from Gallery Template or Custom HTML)

Facebook Conversions API

LinkedIn Insight (from LinkedIn Insight, LinkedIn Insight Tag 2.0, or Custom HTML)

LinkedIn Ads

Microsoft Advertising Universal Event Tracking

Bing Ads

impact.com Pixel


Twitter Universal Website Tag

Twitter Ads

StackAdapt conversion (from Custom HTML)

Stack Adapt

theTradeDesk conversion via static tracking tag (from Custom HTML)


How it works

A typical GTM configuration looks something like this:

A given tag using a GTM native tag type is changed to a Freshpaint-template tag type, specifying the Freshpaint destination (e.g., Google Ads), preserving the same trigger and parameter settings, along with specifying a Freshpaint Environment ID.

The destinations of interest (Google Ads, Facebook CAPI, etc.) must be separately configured in Freshpaint.

When the GTM trigger fires for the Freshpaint-template tag, this results in a Freshpaint SDK track call, which generates a precision event, delivered only to the designated Freshpaint destination.

The Freshpaint SDK snippet must be loaded either directly on your page, or via a Custom HTML Tag in GTM. If the latter, any Freshpaint Pageview-triggered tags must be configured with the Custom HTML tag as a Setup Tag.

During Freshpaint’s processing of the event, if in HIPAA mode, HIPAA Mode Allowlists are evaluated to allow only properties you've designated safe before sending to the destination. You'll need to add properties to the Allowlist to enable the sending of those properties to the destination.

Here's how it looks when using the Freshpaint GTM Template, with HIPAA Mode enabled:

Migration Procedure

There are two ways to migrate at this time:

  • Manual

  • Automated (run by Freshpaint)

The Manual approach can work when there are a small number of tags, or if trying a small initial trial set. You can perform this yourself in your GTM account. The steps for this are:

  • Configure each destination of interest in Freshpaint

  • Download the Freshpaint custom template

    • Otherwise, you'll need to copy / paste the file contents into a text editor, then save to a file named template.tpl.

  • Install the Freshpaint custom template into your GTM account, via Templates -> New -> ...menu -> Import -> select template.tpl

  • Modify one or more native-GTM tags to be their Freshpaint template equivalent:

    • Approach 1: Edit existing tag in-place

      • Tag Type: Select Freshpaint

      • Freshpaint Tag Type: Select appropriate Freshpaint Tag Type (e.g., Google Ads)

      • Enter tag-type-specific parameter settings

    • Approach 2: Create separate Freshpaint tag

      • Rename existing GTM-native tag, and mark it Paused

      • Create new GTM tag with the original tag name

      • Tag Type: Select Freshpaint

      • Freshpaint Tag Type: Select appropriate Freshpaint Tag Type (e.g., Google Ads)

      • Enter tag-type-specific parameter settings

      • Create same trigger(s) as GTM-Native tag

The Automated approach is recommended when there are a large number of tags in your GTM workspace. The Freshpaint Support team makes the changes using an automated script against the GTM API, and coordinates with you to review the changes. Contact support@freshpaint.io to get started.

Here is an overview of how the automated migration works:

  • Installs the latest Freshpaint GTM Template

  • Supports specifying one or more filtering include and / or exclude GTM-folders

  • Excludes paused GTM tags by default

  • Supports a dry-run mode, making it possible to review changes without altering your GTM workspace

  • Generates a log of actions

  • For each supported tag type, replaces the native GTM tag type with a Freshpaint GTM tag type

  • Creates any destination instances which are not yet configured, and reports any GTM tag properties that may need to be allowlisted

  • Creates draft changes in the GTM workspace. After you review the changes you can submit them to be published as the live version.

Freshpaint Google Tag Manager Destination not supported with Freshpaint GTM Template

The Google Tag Manager destination allows you to send any Freshpaint event to GTM (with properties filtered by Allowlists, if in HIPAA Mode), where it may be used as a Custom Event trigger for any GTM tag.

Using the Freshpaint GTM Template and the Google Tag Manager Destination at the same time is not currently supported.

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