Braze Quick Start Guide

Braze is a customer engagement platform. You can send events to Braze to complement the engagement that they already track, allowing you to see a fuller picture of your users' behavior.

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Getting Started

Braze REST API keys are very powerful, and can be given permissions to do a wide variety of things with your account. To protect yourself, it's critical that you limit the permissions of this key to only the users.track API call. Use the screenshot below to see how this would look.

  1. Configure your App Identifier

  2. Configure your Custom Endpoint.

You must at least configure your API key and Custom Endpoint in order to connect to the Braze destination

Make sure you configure the REST endpoint, not the SDK endpoint. It should have the following format: You can see the REST endpoints and corresponding SDK endpoints here.

5. That's it! You should now see the enabled status next to the Braze destination. Enable the Braze destination for events you'd like to send to this destination in the event definition.

In order to send events to Braze, enable the destination for each event:

Confirm you are seeing events in Braze as expected

You can view visualizations of your events by going to Custom Events and searching for the event you'd like to view.

You can also see custom events associated with identified users when you look under the user's profile.

Braze does not deduplicate events out of the box.

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