Configuring a Destination

Now that you've installed Freshpaint, Freshpaint is automatically collecting every user action performed on your site through the Autotrack source. To start making use of this data, you can configure a destination as a place to send the data to. For this quickstart guide, we'll show you how to setup Google Analytics, but the same steps work for other destinations.
If you already have Google Analytics installed on your site, make sure to remove it before you turn it on through Freshpaint. If you configure Google Analytics through Freshpaint at the same time you have it installed directly on your site, your Google Analytics account will start counting every user twice.
To turn on Google Analytics, navigate to the destinations > apps page and scroll down to the Google Analytics destination:
Click on configure and a window will popup for you to enter your Google Analytics tracking ID:
To get your Google Analytics tracking ID, in a new tab, sign into Google Analytics. In the bottom left click Admin and then in the middle of the page click Property Settings. You'll then see you're tracking ID in the middle of the page. It should start with UA. Copy and paste that into Freshpaint, and click Save.
Once you've clicked Save, you are done! Freshpaint is now loading the Google Analytics SDK for you. You can verify that you've configured Google Analytics correctly by going to Realtime > Overview and you should now see data flowing into Google Analytics
By default the only data sent to a destinations is the same data that is natively collected by the destination. Out of the box, Freshpaint does not send any additional data to a destination. In the next section, we'll look at how you can use Freshpaint to send additional data to a destination without writing code.
It takes 2 minutes for the Freshpaint CDN to clear and the new destination to show up on your website.