Modify Data

Rename or modify event data

You can use Freshpaint's transformation dashboard to set up a transformation to modify data.

To get started, navigate to the Transformations page on your dashboard, and then click "Create New"

Select "Modify Data" (if you want to map your events to standard events, you can follow the guide here) as your transformation type.

Choose the Freshpaint event and the destination that you want to modify event data for. Transformations can be applied to the following:



Example Uses

Destination + Event


  • Remove a sensitive property that you don't want sent to a specific destination.

  • Rename event or properties to match historical data

Note: If you want to map an event to a destination's standard event, follow the guide here.

Single Destination + all events


  • Remove a sensitive property from every event sent to a destination.

  • Convert the type of a property to number to support analysis in a destination.

Single event + all destinations


  • Rename a property that has a typo

  • Remove a sensitive property that is being captured by this event.

All events + all destinations


We do not support modifying every single event going to every single destination.

Clicking the Save & Add Transformations button will bring you to the transformations dashboard where you can add each transformation step that you need.

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