OneSignal is a messaging service that lets you send push notifications and emails to your customers.

Freshpaint helps teams manage and control their customer data. Freshpaint automatically captures every click, pageview, and form submission. This makes it possible for non-technical users to route data from Freshpaint to any marketing or analytics platform.

With Freshpaint and OneSignal, you can can use Freshpaint to attach user metadata to your users in OneSignal and create customized messaging campaigns for your customers.

Destination Information





Getting Started

What You'll Need

Before you can pass Freshpaint data to OneSignal, you'll need to install the Freshpaint javascript SDK, and have identify calls set up.

  1. From within Freshpaint, navigate to Destinations > Apps and search for OneSignal. Select Configure.

2. Insert your OneSignal App ID (found under Settings > Keys and IDs)

3. That's it! You should now see the enabled status next to OneSignal:

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