BigQuery Warehouse Setup

Warehouses are only available for users on the Freshpaint business plan.

To get started, please reach out to to request a new warehouse, and specify the Freshpaint environments you want to set it up for. We'll then provide you with an email that you invite to your GCP. See details on the GCP process below:

  1. Go to the GCP IAM page. Click "Grant Access".

  2. Add the email <the email obtained from Freshpaint> as a BigQuery User. This gives the service we are using to transfer data to your warehouse, access to your BigQuery instance

  3. Go to the GCP projects page and send us the project ID of the project you want your data in. By default, we’ll use freshpaint as the dataset name. Let us know if you'd prefer an alternate name. If you’re setting up multiple environments to sync to your warehouse, you can request any specific schema names you’d like.

  4. After that, we will start syncing your Freshpaint data to your warehouse.

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