Destinations are the tools you power with data from Freshpaint. When you send data from Freshpaint to a destination, Freshpaint will automatically make the right API calls to get the data from Freshpaint into the destination. That way, you only have to think about getting data into Freshpaint and Freshpaint will take the rest from there.

For a complete list of integrations supported, checkout the Freshpaint integrations page.

Types of Destinations

Freshpaint supports three kinds of destinations:

App Destinations

App destinations are the most common type of destination. An app destination is a third party tool that processes your Freshpaint data in some way. Analytics tools, session replay tools, and email marketing tools are all app destinations. Checkout the app destination docs for more information on the specifics of app destinations.

pageApp Destinations

Warehouse Destinations

Warehouse destinations are data warehouses that give you direct access to your Freshpaint data. After configuring a warehouse destination, you can run SQL over the data and process it however you want. Checkout the warehouse destinations docs for more information on them.

pageWarehouse Destinations

Advertising Destinations

The advertising destinations let you send data to various advertising platforms to target ads to your users. See the advertising destinations docs for more information.

pageAdvertising Destinations

Transforming Data

You can modify events before they are sent to destinations by using our transformations.


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