CallRail is a comprehensive call tracking and analytics software designed to help businesses track and analyze phone calls, texts, forms, and chats. It provides detailed insights into marketing campaign performance, allowing companies to optimize their spending on various advertising channels, both online and offline.

Routing CallRail data through Freshpaint enables businesses to leverage Freshpaint’s HIPAA mode features, such as Enforced Allowlists and ID Masking, to ensure Protected Health Information (PHI) is handled securely. This integration allows for more granular control over which data properties are sent to different destinations, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations by restricting PHI to HIPAA-compliant destinations and masking identifiers where necessary.

Getting Started in CallRail

Note that this integration is only available to customers on CallRail Healthcare plans.

From your CallRail homepage:

  1. Select Settings.

    If you have more than one company in your CallRail account, you will need to select one to continue.

  2. Select Integrations.

  3. Select Freshpaint.

  4. Input your Freshpaint environment ID. You can obtain this by going to the Freshpaint app and selecting Sources > Setup > CallRail. Copy and past the environment ID into CallRail

  5. Once your environment ID has been input, review and confirm the events you want to send to Freshpaint. You can choose to send calls, text messages, or forms. By default, all three will be selected.

  6. If desired, you can also input your Google Analytics (GA) Measurement ID. This will allow CallRail to collect GA-issued session IDs for more accurate reporting in Freshpaint.

    • Please note: If this is not provided, you can still use Google Analytics as a destination in Freshpaint, but event reporting and attribution may not be fully accurate.

    • Select Activate to complete the integration.

  7. You'll also want to add integration triggers in CallRail for when you'd like to send events to Freshpaint.

Follow CallRail's docs here for more information on how to send data to Freshpaint.

How CallRail sends data to Freshpaint

When CallRail sends data to Freshpaint, all of the properties sent by CallRail are collected. You can view the entire list of properties in CallRail's docs here.

  • For all event types, CallRail will send the following data to Freshpaint:

    • name - Person’s name.

    • phone_number - Person’s phone number, sent in e164 format.

    • email - Person’s email, if present.

    • qualified_score - Good lead, not a lead, or not scored.

    • tags - Tag names for any tags applied to the interaction.

    • value - $ value applied to the interaction, if present.

    • tracking_number_name - For calls and texts.

    • source - First touch source.

    • medium - First touch medium.

    • campaign - First touch campaign.

    • landing_page - Full landing page URL including params.

    • distinct_id - Phone number or email address.

    • Email should be the priority when present, with the phone number a fall back.

    • Phone number sent in e164 format.

    • token- Environment ID from integration setup.

    • time - Timestamp of the event.

    • $device_id - If we detected one from the session.

    • $insert_id - Resource ID for the call, form, or SMS.

      • This helps Freshpaint deduplicate events, just in case the same event is ever sent twice.

    • $ip - If we have one from the session.

    • source - call-rail

      • This property identifies events as coming from CallRail in Freshpaint.

    • For all event types, when present, major ad network click IDs will be sent Freshpaint to facilitate integrations.

    • $gclid - The Google Click Id value. This would also include gbraid or wbraid.

  • $msclkid

  • $fbclid

  • The following will also be sent specifically for calls:

    • duration - Call duration.

    • first_time_caller - True or false value.

    • sentiment - Call sentiment value, if present.

    • call_summary - Call summary, if present.

  • The following will be sent specifically for forms:

    • form_data - The form data object containing all fields and their responses.

CallRail events sent to Freshpaint will show up in your Event Library as server events.

Sending Data to Destinations

Once you've set up CallRail to send data to Freshpaint, you'll see CallRail events show up in the event library as server events. These will be sent to all active configured destinations in Freshpaint by default. You can turn off this behavior by clicking the "Settings" button in the event definition and enabling the "Override hardcoded destination" toggle. This will turn off all active destinations for the event.

You can then enable any destinations you'd like to send the event(s) to in the Event Definition by enabling the toggles for each destination under the event.

Haven't set up destinations in Freshpaint yet?

Find the documentation for the destination you'd like to set up here and follow the steps listed to set up the destination you'd like to send CallRail data to. Use the Destination Allowlist to control what parameters are passed from Freshpaint to the destination.

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