What is a Proxy Integration?

A number of server-side Freshpaint integrations are what's known as a "Proxy Integration". Proxy integrations emulate the client-side integration, but instead run on Freshpaint's servers. When available, proxy integrations provide the same functionality as if the destination's SDK was installed directly on your site. Proxy integrations provide the following benefits over installing the destination directly or client-side destinations:

  • You get the same behavior as if you installed the destination directly on your site without exposing IP address or page URLs with the destinations.

  • No additional Javascript is loaded onto your site.

  • You do not need to re-create reporting in your analytics tool or re-configure your tagging and conversion events in your advertising tools, which is often the case when moving to a traditional server-side integration.

  • You are able to make use of features that normally only work for server-side destinations such as ID Masking, Enforced Allowlists, and SQL Transformations

Unless otherwise noted, Proxy integrations do not support the HTTP API as a source.

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