Mixpanel Quick Start Guide

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Getting Started

What You'll Need

  1. Your Mixpanel Project Token and API Secret

First follow these steps to set up the Mixpanel integration in Freshpaint:

  1. In Mixpanel, go to your Project Settings page and navigate to the Access Keys section to find your Project Token and API Secret:

  1. Next, go to the Mixpanel configuration page in Freshpaint and click Configure for Credentials. Then, configure the app credentials by copying and pasting your Project Token and API Secret into Freshpaint:

  1. Choose your connection mode. You can read more about the difference between client-side and server-side connection mode in general here and specific differences in the connection modes for Mixpanel in the reference section for Mixpanel here.

If you are a HIPAA customer, you should select server-side connection mode. You can read more about that here.

  1. Mixpanel is now ready to be used as an event destination. Enable this destination under the event definition if you'd like an event to be sent to Mixpanel:

If you are a HIPAA account, you will need to add event properties to the allowlist. If you are not a HIPAA account, you can skip this step.

By default, Freshpaint doesnโ€™t sent any built-in property data to Mixpanel. Go to the Mixpanel HIPAA Allowlist to select which properties you want to send downstream.

That's it! The last step is to confirm data is flowing into Mixpanel

Events sent from Freshpaint to Mixpanel will show up as standard Mixpanel events. From there you can use your events in any of the Mixpanel reports. You can view them by navigating to Events and looking at recent events, or by searching for a specific event.

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