Configuring a Destination

Now that you've installed Freshpaint, Freshpaint is automatically collecting every user action performed in your app. To start making use of this data, you can configure a destination as a place to send the data to. For this quickstart guide, we'll show you how to setup Amplitude, but the same steps work for other destinations.

To turn on Amplitude, navigate to the destinations > apps page. You should see Amplitude at the top:

Click on configure and a window will popup for you to enter your Amplitude API Key:

To get your Amplitude tracking ID, in a new tab, sign into Amplitude. In the bottom left click Settings and then in the top left click Projects. After that, click the project you want to send data into. You'll then see your API Key in the middle of the page. Copy and paste that into Freshpaint, and click Save.

Once you've clicked Save, you are done! You can now send events from Freshpaint to Amplitude. Check out the next section on how to label user actions to see how exactly you can send data into destinations.

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