What is Freshpaint?

Freshpaint is a tool for teams with limited technical resources to manage and control their customer data. Freshpaint enables non-technical users to setup their favorite analytics and marketing tools with limited input from a technical user.

Key Features

Instrument your site without writing code

Most analytics tools require you to write code every time you want to collect a new piece of data. Once installed, Freshpaint automatically captures every click, pageview, and form submission. This makes it possible for non-technical users to route data from Freshpaint into any marketing or analytics tool.

Recover lost data with the time machine

Freshpaint automatically captures every user interaction from day one. This means if you ever discover there was an important piece of data you didn't think ahead of time to track, Freshpaint will still have collected it. For example: if you install Freshpaint today, and in 6 months you want to know how often people interacted with a specific feature, you will have 6 months worth of data available even if you didn't think to instrument that feature ahead of time.

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