Projects & Environments

Your Freshpaint data is kept in projects and environments. Projects are completely independent of each other and can contain multiple environments. Environments within a project share event schemas and transformations, but data is kept separately.

There is an optional capability to specify project and environment access for each user - for more details, see Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

When Should You Use Projects or Environments?


Projects are intended for separate websites. If you have two different websites that you want to install Freshpaint on, each with completely different events, you should use projects.


Environments are separated data buckets within a single project. Because environments share event schemas and transformations with other environments in the same project, you can test your transformations and event schemas in a one environment before deploying Freshpaint on your production website. We recommend using environments if you want to set up separate dev, QA, and production environments.

Creating projects and environments

In Freshpaint's dashboard, go to the Projects Page by clicking on "Account" then "Projects" in the menu to the left side of the page.

Once there, you can add a new project by clicking on "+ Add Project" towards the top right of the page. A modal will open allowing you to name the project and add environments. By default, we add two environments to each project named "Production" and "Development", but you're welcome to remove those.

Renaming environments, renaming projects and adding a new environment to existing projects

To add a new environment to an existing project or to modify any project, you should start by clicking the edit icon on the right side of the project you want to modify. A modal will open allowing you to modify the project name, rename environments, or add new environments.

Deleting environments

To delete an environment, you should contact support. This will delete all data you've ever sent to the environment.

Switching your workspace

Your Freshpaint dashboard will display the data related to your current environment & project. If you want to switch to a different environment, you should use the environment picker in the top right of the dashboard.

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