Event Library Bulk Actions

The Event Library is a powerful UI for viewing and managing all your event definitions. In addition to editing single events, you can also utilize the UI to easily make changes to several (even hundreds or thousands of) events at once. The following features make it easier to view and edit a large volume of events at once:

  • Advanced Filtering Options

  • Event Tags

  • Bulk Editing and Deletion

Advanced Filtering Options

When navigating to the new Event Library, you'll see a list view of all your events with several filter options on top. You can filter by the following categories: Event Type, Tags, Destinations, and Event Visibility.

Event Type

Event types are a way to categorize events based on how the event was triggered or where the event originated from. Some common event types you may filter by are:

  • Clicks

  • Change

  • Submit

  • Precision

  • Server


Tags are a new feature that gives you the ability to arbitrarily group events together. You can add a tag to an event by clicking the "+" icon in the event's "Tags" column. You'll then see a dialog popup which shows you all your existing tags. Scroll down to click the "Add New" button to add a new tag. After creating a new tag and adding it to at least 1 event, you'll then see that tag as a filter option in the "Tags" filter dropdown.


You can filter events by Destination, allowing you to see all the events that are being forwarded to particular destinations. Only enabled destinations will be shown as filter options.

Event Visibility

You may also filter events by its Visibility status. This filter option will only be shown if you have some events that are hidden.

What are hidden events? You may have hidden events if someone in your org previously set some events to "hidden" status. Only custom events have the option of being hidden. A custom event is any event that is defined outside of the Freshpaint UI. For example, a precision event is considered a custom event because it is defined by writing some code that invokes the Freshpaint SDK. Since these events are not defined in the UI, they cannot be changed in the UI. Some customers find it handy to set these events to hidden status, since there's not much you can change about them in the UI anyway.

Bulk Editing and Deletion

Select one or more events by using the check boxes in the leftmost column. By doing so, you'll bring up the bulk editing options.

Edit Tags

Click the "Edit Tags" button to set the tags on multiple events at once. You can also unset a tag on multiple events at once.

Edit Destinations

Click the "Edit Destinations" button to forward events to a chosen set of destinations. You can also use this functionality to stop forwarding events to destinations.

Delete Events

Click on the "Delete Events" button to completely remove a set of events. Deleted events will no longer be sent to any destinations, and any dynamic properties defined on these events will no longer be computed or captured in data collected by Freshpaint. If there are any custom events in the set of selected events, these events will be hidden since they cannot be deleted from the UI.

You won't be able to filter events while events are selected for editing. Make sure to clear all event selections in order to see the filter options again.

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