🌐Overview of Features

A high-level overview of Freshpaint's main features.


The sources page is where you handle getting data into Freshpaint.

See the docs on sources for more information about the different sources Freshpaint supports and how to set them up.


The destinations page is where you control where the data in Freshpaint gets sent to.

Freshpaint supports three kinds of destinations:

  • Apps - These are SaaS tools that will process your data in some way.

  • Warehouses - These are destinations that are data warehouses. They give you the flexibility to directly query your data.

  • Advertising - These are destinations that allow you to target ads to specific users.

For more information about the different sources Freshpaint supports and the data you can send to them, see the docs on destinations.


Transformations lets you modify your events before they are sent to a destination.

With transformations, you can rename events, rename properties, cast a string to a number, and more, before your data is sent to a destination.

For more information, check out the transformations docs.

Event Library

The event library is where you manage what data gets sent to what destinations.

With the event library, you can view all of your existing event definitions, make changes to them, and control which events are sent to which destinations.

For more information about the event schema dashboard see the event library docs.


Liveview is how you can debug and inspect your Freshpaint instrumentation.

With liveview, you can see all the raw actions your users are performing on your site as well as when a specific event definition is performed on your site. You can even use live view to define events based on the raw actions performed.

See the docs on liveview for more information.

Trace View

The Trace viewing tools lets you see how Freshpaint processed your users' events. We currently have two tools that let you inspect and discover what happened when processing your events:

(1) Trace View Summary: This tool lets you see a summary view of all the events that happened in a particular time frame.

(2) Trace Details View: This tool lets you drill down into a particular trace and view each step.

To see more information about the Tracing tools and how to use them, see the docs on Tracing for more information.

Visual Tagger

The visual tagger provides a point and click interface for defining events. You don't have to write code to use it!

You just click on the part of your page you want to create an event definition for and the visual tagger will create it for you.

See the docs on the visual tagger for more information.

Time Machine

The time machine lets you send old data that matches a newly created event definition to a destination. Freshpaint automatically collects every user action on your site once installed. If you create a new event definition six months after installing, you can use the time machine to send every user action ever performed on your site that matches the event definition to a destination.

See the docs on the time machine for more information.

Teams Page

The teams page is where you can invite new users to your Freshpaint account and see who the members of your team are.

See the docs on the teams page for more information.

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