The Autotrack source automatically collects data from your website and is the main source supported by Freshpaint. Out of the box, the Autotrack source collects every action a user performs on your site. You can then send different actions your users have performed to any of the destinations supported by Freshpaint.


We have the following guides for setting up different parts of the Autotrack source.

Setting up your Events

This guide walks through how to slice and dice the raw data collected by the Autorack source.

Setting up Identify

This guide walks you through how to work with user data in the Autotrack source. With Identify, you can create a single user profile across all the devices used by an individual user.

Setting up Properties

This guide walks you through how to get extra, contextual information into your Freshpaint events.

Time Machine

Once you have created the events you care about, you can then use the Freshpaint Time Machine to access any data collected by the Autotrack source, even if you didn't explicitly think ahead to track it.
Last modified 2mo ago