Vero is a data-driven email marketing tool.

Destination Info


Getting Started

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    Navigate to the Vero destination configuration
2. Configure your API Key and Auth Token. These can be found under Settings > Project Details, at the bottom of the screen.
That's it! Once you have set up identify calls, you can start sending events to Vero.


Vero does not accept anonymous events so you will need to set up identify calls to send events to the Vero destination. In order to email a user in Vero, you must first send an identify call with the email property. When you call identify, Freshpaint creates or updates a user in Vero by calling their users endpoint at:​
Once you've identified your user, you'll be able to view their user profiles under the "Customers" tab in Vero, along with their associated events.


When a Freshpaint event is sent to Vero, you must send an email property attached to the event.
When you send an event to Vero from Freshpaint, a standard event is created in Vero by calling Vero's events api endpoint at:​
The event will then be attached to the identified contact with the given email. See our docs on setting up properties to see the different ways you can attach an email property to your events.
To ensure defined events include the required email parameter, we recommend adding a user's email as an event property through the addEventProperties API.

Seeing Freshpaint Events in Vero

Once the Vero integration is enabled, you can now enable it as an event destination for every event you'd like to send to Vero:
Once you've sent events with the email property into Vero, you can view them by navigating to "Events" in your left sidebar menu. You can also view the events associated with each user in the "Customers" section as shown in the section above.

Configuration Options

Connection Modes

Client-Side Connection Mode

Events originating from the user's web browser will be sent directly to Vero. Events from other sources, including mobile and server, will be sent first to Freshpaint's servers and then on to Vero.

Server-Side Connection Mode

All events will be sent to Vero using Freshpaint's servers. Your website will not send data directly to Vero. Instead, your website and all other sources will send data to Freshpaint, which is translated then sent to Vero. As mentioned above, sources such as React Native, Android, and iOS send data server-side.

Event Transformations

Set up transformations to modify your data before it's sent to your destination. Read more about transformations here.
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