Send advertising events directly to AdRoll through a client-side connection


Freshpaint can send events to your AdRoll account based on your advertiser ID and pixel ID. The AdRoll destination lets you send events to a segment you define in AdRoll.

Destination Info

  • Connection Modes:

Client-sideServer-side (Proxy)




Advertiser and Pixel ID

To configure your AdRoll destination, you'll need to locate your Advertiser and Pixel ID. The easiest way to do this in AdRoll is to click the "Email Code" button in the Pixel Connection modal:

This will pop open an email which contains a code snippet that is cleanly formatted and shows your advertiser and pixel IDs. The snippet will begin with something that looks like this:

The advertiser ID is in the variable named adroll_adv_id, and the pixel ID is in adroll_pix_id.

Now you can configure your AdRoll connection in Freshpaint. Locate the destination under our advertising options and click Configure; then input the advertiser and pixel IDs:

Working with your data in AdRoll

When you send an event to AdRoll, the user that performed the event will show up in your Site Audiences. By default, they'll show up as unsegmented visitors. To dig deeper into the kinds of visitors you see in AdRoll, you'll want to create a new audience that will apply filters. Once you do, you'll start to see a breakdown of your visitors. Here's an example that shows how this works in practice:

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