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Getting Started

Configure Freshpaint destination

You can configure your Basis destination in Freshpaint by using the link provided here or by navigating to Apps > Basis in the Freshpaint console.

In the destination, click the Configure button, configured the Encrypted Universal Pixel ID as configured within Basis and click Save.

Once you've configured the Encrypted Universal Pixel ID, you're ready to start setting up the campaign and conversion events in Basis!

Configure Basis Campaign

In order for Freshpaint to be able to automatically capture the click ID auto-generated by the Basis advertisement, cookieless conversion attribution needs to be enabled.

Basis will append a cntr_auctionId parameter to the landing page URL query string, which works similar to click id's from other advertising platforms. Freshpaint when installed on a page will look for this click id and automatically set the $cntr_auctionId event property with the click id.

Configure Conversion Events

To send a conversion event to Basis, you need to set up a Universal Pixel within Basis and to have configured the Encrypted Universal Pixel ID within Freshpaint.

Any custom properties within Frehspaint will be passed along to Basis, allowing the rules configured on the Basis pixel to choose how the event affects Basis actions.


You may provide the following additional event properties when sending events to Basis via Freshpaint's servers:

Event property







cntr_auctionId is appended to the landing page URL by Basis. Freshpaint will automatically capture cntr_auctionId for events from your website. For events from other sources you would need to provide $cntr_auctionId as an event property.




Any additional / custom properties on the event and allowed by the HIPAA allow list will be passed to Basis

View Through Conversions using Freshpaint Impression Pixel

The Basis destinations supports View Through Conversions using Freshpaint's Impression Pixel to capture ad impressions. Within the Freshpaint Destination configuration page for Basis, select the configure button for the Freshpaint Impression Pixel.

When enabled you can choose the number of days to look back for impressions, and copy the URL of the pixel to use. This is the URL you will need to configure within Basis to be shown with you're ads, that will allow Freshpaint to capture the data necessary to perform view-through conversions.

To learn more about how the Freshpaint Impression Pixel operates, please seeImpression Pixel (Beta)

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