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Getting Started

Configure Freshpaint destination

Since StackAdapt only uses unique click IDs and Conversion Event IDs, there is no access token or Pixel ID required to set up the destination.

You can configure your StackAdapt destination in Freshpaint by using the link provided here or by navigating to Apps > StackAdapt > Configure StackAdapt in the Freshpaint console.

In the destination, click the Configure button on the Configuration row and click Save.

Once you've enabled the destination, you're ready to start setting up the campaign and conversion events in StackAdapt!

Configure StackAdapt Campaign

In order for Freshpaint to be able to automatically capture the click ID auto-generated by the StackAdapt advertisement, the click ID needs to be specified as a macro in the campaign Click URL.

Navigate to the Overview tab in the StackAdapt portal, and click on your campaign. Click on the Creative tab and add sapid={SA_POSTBACK_ID} as a query parameter to your Click URL. A preview of the query parameters will show up under the Click URL that you can use to confirm that the query parameters are properly configured.

Configure Conversion Events

To send a conversion event to StackAdapt, you need to set up an event in StackAdapt and map your Freshpaint event to that event unique ID.

From the StackAdapt Pixel page, click Create New and select Conversion Event.

Select Website as the Install Location and Page Load as the Activation Method (even if you're not targeting page loads).

Select Standalone Pixel as the install method, leaving the default of Javascript.

Give your event a name, select the appropriate Conversion Category, and fill out any other fields relevant to the conversion event. Select Create Pixel Code once finished.

Click Finish, ignoring the autogenerated Javascript code. Copy the Conversion Event Unique ID for the newly created event once back on the Conversion Events dashboard.

Return to the StackAdapt Destination in the Freshpaint console and configure a transformation to map one of your Freshpaint events to the StackAdapt Conversion Event. Click "Configure" next to "Event Transformations".

Click "+ New Transformation".

Select "Modify Data". Choose the event you'd like to send to StackAdapt, select the StackAdapt destination, click "Enable it?" if the event is not yet configured for StackAdapt, and click Save.

Once in the transformation edit page, add a new transformation of type Send Constant Property

Set the Property Value to the Conversion Event Unique ID (copied from the StackAdapt Conversion Events page), the Constant Type to Text, and the Property Name to conversion_id.

Once you've set up the transformation with the StackAdapt Conversion Event Unique ID, you're ready to start sending events to StackAdapt via Freshpaint!

Note that these instructions cover both click-through and view-through events. Freshpaint will automatically forward events to StackAdapt's click-through conversion endpoint if $sapid (StackAdapt click ID) is present and to StackAdapt's view-through conversion endpoint if no $sapid is present.

If you are a HIPAA account, you will need to add event properties to the allowlist. If you are not a HIPAA account, you can skip this step.

Freshpaint has the properties needed for StackAdapt conversion events listed under Required Properties. There are additional properties needed for Retargeting events listed under Recommended Properties.

Property Requirements:

  • Conversion Events: conversion_id, $sapid (only required for click-through conversions), $ip (only required for view-through conversions)

  • Retargeting Events: retargeting_id, $ip, $user_agent

Confirm events are sending to StackAdapt successfully

To check whether StackAdapt is receiving events, you can go to Pixel > Conversion Events within your StackAdapt account, which will show you when the last time StackAdapt received an event for each Conversion Event.

Conversions may take up to 2 hours to appear in your StackAdapt portal


StackAdapt has extensive support for crafting audiences to retarget. By sending retargeting events to StackAdapt, you can craft campaigns to focus on audiences you know are already interested.

Retargeting Audiences with StackAdapt requires a user's IP Address and User Agent. When used with campaigns and ads that contain specific health information, sending a user's personally identifiable information (PII) for retargeting could be out-of-compliance with HIPAA unless a BAA is signed with StackAdapt. StackAdapt is not currently signing BAAs.

Retargeting Audience events require a retargeting_id in the same way Conversion Events require a conversion_id. The process to set up these events is the same. Following along with the conversion events guide above, we can create a Transformation that sends a constant property (retargeting_id) with the retargeting audience unique ID as the value.



If you require sending additional event properties (like revenue) to StackAdapt, please reach out to Freshpaint Support at

You may provide the following additional event properties when sending events to StackAdapt via Freshpaint's servers:

Event property






Required for Click-Through Conversion Events

sapid is generated at ad click time and appended to the landing page URL. Freshpaint will automatically capture sapid for events from your website. For events from other sources you would need to provide $sapid.



Required for Conversion Events

conversion_id maps to a Conversion Event in StackAdapt. This uniquely describes the conversion event taking place.



Required for Retargeting Events

retargeting_id maps to a Retargeting Audience in StackAdapt. This directly places the user in that Audience.



Required for Retargeting Events and View-Through Conversion Events

Non-hashed public IP address of the browser



Required for Retargeting Events

User agent from the user’s device


  • Conversions may take up to 2 hours to appear in your StackAdapt portal.

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