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Embedded Video

Freshpaint integrates with your YouTube and Vimeo embeds to prevent PHI from being exposed

Why Are Videos Important?

The Freshpaint Video Proxy is a service that can be used to comply with HIPAA when using YouTube or Vimeo embeds.
Let's take YouTube for example. With the out-of-the-box YouTube embed, the end user’s computer will download the video directly from YouTube’s servers. This will expose the user’s IP address to YouTube. If the user is viewing a video about a specific medical condition, YouTube will have both an identifier (IP address) and health information about the user resulting in exposed PHI.

How Does the Video Proxy Work?

With the Freshpaint Video Proxy, you replace the out-of-the-box YouTube or Vimeo embed URL with a Freshpaint embed. Instead of downloading the video directly from the respective service, the Freshpaint embed will first route the video download request through Freshpaint’s servers. This will result in the user’s IP address only being exposed to Freshpaint. On YouTube’s end, all they will see is that a user fetched a video through the Freshpaint’s servers, but YouTube won’t be able to see any identifying info about the user.
Swapping out the YouTube embed is done by replacing the portion of the YouTube embed with the provided Freshpaint domain. The rest of URL remains the same. This makes it easy to do a find and replace and to transfer all of your embeds to use the Freshpaint proxy.
Swapping out Vimeo embeds works similarly, but there are two requirements:
  • You must have a Vimeo Standard Plan or higher
  • You must generate an access token for Freshpaint to use
For questions, please contact [email protected].