Precision Tracking
Use Precision Tracking to track events with code.
The Precision Tracking source is provided by the Freshpaint SDK and is an alternative to the Autotrack source that let's you track your events with code. If you want to maintain your event tracking in code or want to make sure you to know exactly when an event will be fired, the precision tracking source is for you.

Creating Precision Tracked Events

To create a precision tracked event, you call the track method provided by the Freshpaint SDK. As an example, the following bit of code sends a login event with the username property attached:
React Native
iOS Swift
iOS Objective-C
freshpaint.track("login", {"username": "ada"});
freshpaint.track("login", {"username": "ada"});
Freshpaint.shared().track("login", properties: ["username": "ada"])
[[FPAnalytics sharedAnalytics]
properties:@{ @"username": @"ada" }];
.track("login", new Properties().putValue("property", "value"));
See the Freshpaint SDK references for more information on tracking events directly with code:
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