Installing the Freshpaint Javascript SDK
Installing the Freshpaint Javascript SDK has to be done by a technical user. It usually takes about five minutes to install. If you are a non-technical user, you should invite a technical teammate to your account and have them install Freshpaint. Once installed, a non-technical user can use the autotrack source to control and manage data without assistance from a technical user.
To install Freshpaint, go to the sources page in Freshpaint:
From the sources page click on configure next to the Autotrack source. This will pull up the code for the Freshpaint SDK:
Copy the snippet into the <head> of your site. That's it!

Verifying the Installation

To verify that Freshpaint is installed correctly, navigate to the Freshpaint Live View. The liveview will now provide a live feed of every user action performed on your site. If you navigate to your site in another tab and click around, you should see the actions you're performing show up in the liveview:
Once you see data coming through, you have successfully installed Freshpaint.
Last modified 1yr ago