Google Ads Conversion API Quick Start Guide

The Google Ads Conversion API requires setting up new Conversion Actions within Google Ads. If you want to re-use your existing Google Ads configuration, take a look at the Google Ads Proxy Destination.

Optimize your Google Ads spend by attributing ad clicks to conversion and other key behaviors.

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Getting Started

What You'll Need

  1. Your Google Ads Customer ID

  2. Conversion Actions configured in your Google Ads account

  3. Conversion Events configured in your Freshpaint account

To set up Google Ads Conversions API with Freshpaint, first follow these steps:

When using the conversion API to send conversions to Google Ads, you will need to create new import conversion actions.

  1. Get your google conversion label. In your Google Ads account go to Tools > Conversions.

  2. Click + New Conversion Action to create a new conversion action.

Conversions may take up to 24 hours to appear in your Google Ads Conversion Goals.

Required Properties

Freshpaint's servers use the same API as the client-side Google Tag.

The following event properties are required in order to attribute events to specific ads.

Freshpaint property

Google Ads parameter



$gclid or $gbraid or $wbraid

gclid or wbraid or gbraid


gclid (Google Click ID) is generated at ad click time and appended to the landing page URL. Freshpaint will automatically capture gclid for events from your website. If you wish, you may provide $gclid as an event property to override the automatically captured value. wbraid or gbraid can be used instead of gclid.

ctname or ctid



The Conversion Name or Conversion Id of the conversion action in Google Ads. When using the Conversion Name, the Freshpaint integration will lookup the conversion id before sending the event to google.

Freshpaint will only deliver events to Google when a user arrives on your site by clicking on a Google Ad, thus generating an gclid. Without gclid, Google will not be able to attribute conversions.

There are other optional parameters you can add to your events in order to achieve different use cases. You can view the full list of parameters here.

If you are a HIPAA account, you will need to add event properties to the allowlist. If you are not a HIPAA account, you can skip this step.

  1. Configure the HIPAA allowlist destination specific HIPAA allowlist

  2. Edit the Event Properties allowlist and add the following properties:

    1. $gclid or $gbraid or $wbraid

    2. ctname or ctid

That's it! Now all you need to do to send an event to Google Ads is enable the destination in the Freshpaint event definition:

Navigate to your Freshpaint event, and toggle the destination on to enable the event to be sent to the Google Ads destination.

Confirm and Validate Conversions in Google Ads

Data from the previous day may not be ingested and displayed by Google in your until 3:30pm ET the following day and can even take up to 24 hours to appear in your Google Ads conversion goals.

Congratulations! Once you have confirmed conversion in Google Ads, you have finished setting up this integration.

You can find more detailed documentation on this integration in the reference guide document.

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