Google Campaign Manager 360 (Beta)

This destination is currently under development and in a closed beta. If you are interested in participating in the beta, please reach out to your account manager for more details. This documentation may be subject to changes and use of this destination is considered experimental.

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Getting Started

Freshpaint's Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) conversions destination allows for tracking view-through conversions from ads managed in CM360, including those linked with other Google Marketing Platform products like Display and Video 360 (DV360). The integration is used to send conversion data to Floodlight Activities within CM360.

Connecting Campaign Manager 360 to Freshpaint

To proceed with setup, you will need the following:

  • A CM360 account that is enabled for API access (this is the case by default for most CM360 accounts)

  • A user profile in your CM360 account that has access to the advertiser and Floodlight activities you would like to connect and the "Insert offline conversions" permission

  • A Freshpaint account that has the CM360 Conversions API destination enabled

When adding a new CM360 destination to Freshpaint, you will need to specify a profile ID and advertiser ID

Profile ID is a seven digit number associated with the account you are going to connect to CM360. Note that for the CM360 integration to work, the profile ID here must belong to the account that is connected via OAuth.

Advertiser ID is an eight digit number associated with the advertiser that you are connecting to Freshpaint. It is found in several places throughout the Google Marketing Platform suite of products and may be referred to by terms such as "Floodlight configuration ID". One place it can be found on the "All advertisers" screen.

Once the Profile and Advertiser IDs have been specified, select "Connect with Google CM360" from the Freshpaint configuration page and follow the onscreen prompts to connect your Google account with CM360. Note that the Google account used to connect to CM360 should be the same account that the Profile ID was taken from in the previous step.

Adding Required Properties

For an event to be processed and successfully forwarded to CM360, the following properties are required:

  • activity_id β€” The 9-digit ID for the Floodlight Activity that conversions should be associated with. This may be added as an event transformation or directly sent with individual events.

  • $gclid, $dclid, or $edimpid β€” At least one of these identifiers is required for Google to process a conversion. If multiple are available, Freshpaint will use the most specific available identifier (gclid first, then dclid, finally edimpid).

If you are using HIPAA mode, these properties must be allowlisted for the destination to send events to CM360.

Click-through conversions

To support click-through conversions with CM360, enhanced attribution feature needs to be configured on the floodlight configuration used within CM360.

Please see Google Support - Enhanced attribution on how to configure dclids to be attached to landing page links.

View-through conversions - Configuring an Impression PIxel

To track view-through conversions on CM360, you will need to configure the Freshpaint Impression Pixel for the destination. In the impression pixel config screen within the destination configuration page for the CM360 destination, ensure one or both of IP or Cookie based matching is turned on. Note that these matches are only used by the Freshpaint application to match users to prior impressions; this information is not forwarded to the destination unless explicitly allowlisted.

Copy the pixel configuration URL provided for use in CM360. On the advertiser in CM360, create a new Impression event tag with the "image" type and use URL from the Freshpaint configuration UI, as in the example screenshots below.

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