Autopilot (Ortto)

Autopilot, now Ortto - is a cloud-based marketing platform that allows the user to link customer data, messaging, and analytics in one tool.

Destination Info





What You'll Need

What You'll Need

  • An Autopilot (now Ortto) account

  • An Autopilot API Key

Getting Started

1. Navigate to the Autopilot destination configuration:

2. Configure your Autopilot API key. You can find this in Settings.

3. That's it! You should now see the enabled status next to AutopilotHQ.


Once your integration is set up correctly, you should set up identify calls. This will allow you to gain more insight into the users and their journeys.


Seeing Freshpaint Events in Autopilot (Ortto)

Once the Autopilot integration is enabled, you can now set it as an event destination:

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