Gainsight CS

Gainsight CS is Gainsight's customer success product. It gives you a complete, 360-degree view of your customers and helps you understand their product behavior based on the data around their interactions and usage trends.

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Getting Started

You'll need the following configuration to get started with the integration:

Gainsight Access Key

To get the key visit Administration > Integrations > Connectors 2.0 then click on Gainsight API (you will have to create this connection if not done already) You can also refer to Gainsight's doc on Access Key for more information.

Gainsight Sub-domain / Custom Domain

The domain be found under Administration > General > Domains. You can also refer to Gainsight's doc on Gainsight domain for more information.

Events Shared Secret Key

This key is required if you want to enable sending events from freshpaint.

Open the Events Page on Gainsight by visiting Administration > General > Events. (You'll need to click on Register As Publisher if not done before to enable the events framework on Gainsight. You can also refer to Gainsight's doc on Events Framework for more information).

On the Events Page click on the key / gear icon on the top right corner to get the secret key.

Tenant ID

Visit Administration > General > Application Settings to get the Tenant ID.

Event Topic Name

Events go to topic on Gainsight. On the Events Page, create a new topic if not there already.

Sending Data to Gainsight


You can send users to gainsight by making a freshpaint.identify call. When you do this, we create a Person object on Gainsight. You can see then by visiting Administration > Customer Data > Data Management, then searching for person in Search by an object's Name, and finally selecting the object with name Person.

One important thing to note - Gainsight does not support sending arbitary user props. You'll need to allowlist them first. Some props like Email, Name etc. are allowlisted by default. You can allowlist your custom props on Gainsight.

Using the User Mappings configuration you can also map some freshpaint user properties to Gainsight Person Field Name. By default we provide you with the following default mapping:

Another important note: Sending the Email field is mandatory in gainsight. Without this identify calls to Gainsight will fail.

With the default mappings, a sample identify call will look something like:

freshpaint.identify("", {
	"email": "",
	"firstName": "Abhishek",
	"lastName": "Kedia"


For sending track calls to Gainsight you'll need to select the Enable Events option and provide us with the event framework configuration.

Also Gainsight requires to create events on their UI before sending any event data.

You can do that by visiting Gainsight's Events Page (Administration > General > Events) , select the Events tab and then click on Create Event button. For any event that you create on Gainsight you'll need to specify a name and version in the Event Mappings configuration on Freshpaint.

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