Live View


The Freshpaint Live View is the easiest way to inspect and debug your Freshpaint installation.
Out of the box, Live View shows you every raw user action performed on your site. After you create an event definition, the Live View will bold any matching events and display the name of the matching event definition:

Event Properties

You can view event properties for an event by clicking on the row. The properties panel will pop out from the right side, showing you any custom properties you added to the event as well as built-in properties that Freshpaint automatically collects.


If you want to filter the events in Live View, there are two ways to do so.

The Search Field

When you type in a search term, the Live View will be limited to those events that contain the search term somewhere within the event. You can use this in several different ways:
  • You can limit to a specific event definition by typing in the name of the event.
  • If you have identify setup and want to limit to a specific user, you can type in the identity of the user. This will limit the Live View to all events performed by the identified user.


The other way of filtering Live View is with event filters.
You can use the event filters to filter an event the same way you would filter an event definition. See the documentation on using filters in the event schema dashboard to see what exactly you can do with filters:

Labeling Events

You can also create new events through Live View. If you perform an action that does not have an associated event definition, it will show up as a raw event in Live View. You can then create an event definition based on the raw event by clicking the Create Event button to the right of the Live View entry. This will take you to the event schema dashboard with an event definition prepopulated based on the raw event.
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