Reddit Ads Quick Start Guide

Send advertising events to Reddit Ads via Freshpaint.

Destination Info

  • Supports Track calls

  • Supports HIPAA mode

  • Refer to this destination as reddit-ads in the Integrations object

    • If you've configured multiple Account IDs, you can choose a specific one by suffixing the Account ID, such as: reddit-ads::0123456789012345. You can retrieve this value from the Reddit Ads configuration page for the Account ID of interest.

  • Connection Modes:





Getting Started

This guide enables you to fully enable the Reddit Ads destination for your site. For simplicity the event used for demonstration purposes is the generic Page View event. For more complex events see our additional documentation. Additionally this guide assumes you have the Freshpaint snippet installed on your site - if you do not, please follow this guide.

  1. Enable the Freshpaint Reddit Ads destination

    • If in HIPAA mode enable the required fields

Account ID

To configure your Reddit Ads destination, you'll first need to locate your Account ID. This may also be known as your Pixel ID and it may start with the prefix "t2_".

  1. Navigate to the Events Manager page using the menu icon on the top left corner.

  2. Copy the Pixel ID value.

Allow Freshpaint to send conversions on your behalf

Reddit Ads API requires us to use Oauth2.0 to authenticate and be able to post conversion events on your behalf.

  1. Click on the connect with Reddit button

  1. A Reddit page will open asking for permission to allow Freshpaint to post events on your behalf. Click on Allow.

  1. Clicking Allow will redirect you to your configured Reddit Ads destination on Freshpaint. πŸŽ‰

Enable the Reddit Ads Destination

To enable the Reddit Ads destination you simply need to enable and configure it just as you would for any other destination.

  1. Navigate to Freshpaint Apps.

  2. Search for the Reddit Ads advertising destination.

  3. Enable Reddit Ads.

  4. Paste in your Account ID in the integration settings.

  5. Optional: Customers that use HIPAA mode should then configure the required properties and enable $rdt_cid.

Enable Reddit Ads Events

  1. Navigate to the Event Library.

  2. Select/create the event(s) you want to send to Reddit Ads.

  3. At the bottom of the event page enable Reddit Ads.

Confirm and Validate Conversions in Reddit

  1. Navigate to your site and visit a page that should trigger your event

  2. Add a query parameter called rdt_cid to the URL (Example:

  3. Trigger your event.

  4. Navigate to the Event Verification tool.

  5. Select Reddit Ads and verify your event went through.

    • This can take up to 90 seconds.

  6. Verify the event is marked as OK or resolve missing property issues.

  7. Confirm receipt of event in Reddit Ads events manager.

Required Properties

See here for a complete list of all available properties.

The following event properties are required in order to attribute events to specific ads, and if in HIPAA mode, must be selected in the Required Properties Allow List.

Freshpaint property

Reddit Ads parameter








A query parameter that connects a page view or conversion event to a specific ad, which Freshpaint captures as $rdt_cid

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