🌊Point-to-Point Integrations

Send data from your sources to your destinations on a schedule

Point-to-Point Integrations let you query data from your sources using the full power of SQL. With them, you can:

  • Look at data across any of your sources in Freshpaint's SQL Editor

  • Send data to any destination at scheduled times

Connecting your source

To begin with, you'll need to use a source that is built to work with our SQL Engine. You can find those on our Sources page:

Today, you can use these sources to make your first integration:

For each source, you will be able to give Freshpaint access to your data and provide a schedule when we'll be allowed to sync your data.

Query your data

Using our SQL Editor, you will write a query to select data from your sources. If you want to pull data from Salesforce, that's fine; if you want to join data from Snowflake and Postgres, that works too. Whatever you can think up in SQL, you can do it.

Once you've done that, you can Run Query to see the data you would be sending, and you can Create a Scheduled Event to configure where and when the data will be sent to your destinations.

Connect and send data to your destinations

You can send data to any of your regular destinations β€” analytics apps like Mixpanel; advertising destinations like Facebook Conversions; and any of your warehouses, like Snowflake. Set a schedule, then configure a destination to send like any other event:

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