Send data from Iterable to your destinations through Freshpaint

What you'll need

  • An Iterable account

How this works

With the Iterable source, Freshpaint can sync customer data from your Iterable account into Freshpaint's SQL Engine. All of this data will be made available as SQL tables.

With that data, you can:

  • Send to your destinations on a schedule with our Scheduled Events, keeping them in sync with Iterable

  • Send data as properties of your tracked events with SQL Transformations

  • Query the data with our SQL Editor to see what you have and test that your source is working

  • Combine your Iterable data with that of any other source

Connect to Iterable

You'll need to create an API key in order to bring your Iterable data into Freshpaint. To do that, head to the Insights menu and click API keys:

Once you have an API key, you'll need to go to the Iterable source in Freshpaint. To configure it, you'll enter your API key, and the time from which point we'll pull your data:

Then, configure your tables and trigger your first sync.

Working with Iterable Data

Below are some common objects you can sync with Freshpaint:

  • Campaigns

  • Catalogs

  • Channels

  • Commerce

  • Email

  • Lists

  • Users

Use Cases

Upload customers to your destinations

This SQL query can be used as a Scheduled Identify query to push your customers to your destinations.

    userid AS insert_id,
    email AS user_id,
    signupdate AS time

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